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No More Panty Lines


Cyber Monday Alert for the ladies…Strapless panties.  (Yeah, that’s a new one by me too!)

Apparently it sticks to your lady parts via adhesive, so you don’t have unsightly panty lines, noticeable swamp ass, or the dreaded whale tail.

I’m just going to let you read a review before I post my own thoughts on this…

Basically, the Shibue Strapless Panty was really easy to put on. You stick on the front, and then the back. I have really sensitive skin, so I was worried the adhesive would bother it, but it never did. The panty ended up being quite comfortable. I was also worried that going to the bathroom would be a pain, but it was very easy to get the panty off and back on again. I was quite surprised with how well it actually worked. However, it seemed to start to not re-apply well when doing anything that caused a good amount of sweating, so I wouldn’t recommend them for any really active activity where you’re going to be sweating a lot. You can get it to re-apply in that case, by drying off the area first, but if you’re going to be continually sweating, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Overall, I think the Shibue Couture Strapless Panty is a great alternative for women who don’t want panty lines, or would otherwise go without panties altogether. It’s really easy to use, and re-usable, and is great for any occasion where panty lines are an issue.

Now…a few things here…

#1. I don’t care what this lady says…adhesive stuck to your lady parts cannot be all that comfortable….and I have a hard time believing it peels off as gently and easily as advertised.

#2.  It’s washable and reusable? How the heck is there any adhesive left once you wash it? Is the adhesive actually velcro-like? Now that really can’t be comfortable!

#3.  If you get sweaty, it doesn’t work as well. OK,  sweatiness is a no go, but you can wash it and it still works? Huh?

Here’s my take…either put on a thong or go commando. Either of those has to be better than this.

I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but I’m not really down with this.

However, if this is something you’re interested in because you would like adhesive stuck to your lady parts, then by all means head over to Shibue and order yours for $15…or you can head over to Amazon and get a whole big multi-pack that also includes pasties for between $30-$150.

Shibue Strapless Panties…I just can’t bring myself to call you an Internet Score.

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Happy One Year Blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Haaaaaaappy Blogiversary!!!

Yes, today is my one year blogiversary of officially owning “Oh Yes They Did“!  Wow! Time sure does fly by!  In the past year, I have published 140 posts…most of which I am proud of..haha.  I hope all of you have enjoyed the ridiculousness of my blog….minus the couple of sellers that have sent me a little hate mail for featuring their creations.  Thank you so much for your readership, comments, and the fine topics you have sent in to me!! I do hope you will continue to stop by and see what’s new!

Here’s to another year of Unpinteresting Pins, Shitsy Products, What Had Happened Was moments, and Outstanding Obituaries!!



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Moss Bath Rug


I thought you might need a closer look!

I thought you might need a closer look!



Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a Moss Bath Rug. I researched this item a little further, and yes, it is legit.

Without boring you to death with the product descriptions I read (You’re welcome!), I will just give you the skinny on it myself:

*The rug itself is made from foam, and it contains three types of moss: Ball, Island, and Forest.

*Clearly it thrives from you standing on it when you get out of the shower soaking wet, and from the humidity in your bathroom after you take a nice hot shower.

*It’s environmentally friendly, and as green as you can get…blahhhh, blahhhh.

OK, let’s just cut to the chase here:

*I did not just take a shower so I can step my cleanly washed feet on some moss. It defeats the purpose for me. Now I have to sit down and clean my feet off again, and dry them with a towel. Damn it.

*I don’t know about you, but I shed so much hair that it winds up everywhere. Just what I need, another friggin chore to add to my never ending list of fun things I do when I come home from work…cleaning my hair out of the moss bath rug. Nope, not appealing.

*This baby costs an average of $115.00!  W.H.A.T?!? Uh-uh.  Not happening.

Moss Bath Rug…I dub thee Unpinteresting.

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Peanut Pad in Woodland Christmas


Look at what I found on Etsy today…The “Heavy Absorb Short Peanut Pad in Woodland Christmas”.  How festive!

Perhaps you remember my post on Black Friday deals entitled “Postpartum Pad Pattern“? Consider this post the sequel to that. You can’t just give someone the pad holder! That would just be RUDE. What you need to do is also give her a pad that goes with it…and voila, here it is! Not just any pad…a Christmas themed pad that’s environmentally friendly. Aunt Flo doesn’t take holidays off, you know.  Those poor little woodland animals have no idea what they’re in for…

For $6.99 plus $2.00 shipping, you can give someone their very own Christmas party in their pants. That is seriously thoughtful, isn’t it?  If you’d like to be the friend that sends someone’s PMS packing this Christmas, you better get cracking on over to Etsy and order it , because there’s only one left!

Heavy Absorb Short Peanut Pad in Woodland Christmas…That’s Shitsy!

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Stump Tables

Look at what I found on Etsy today…Stump Tables. They retail for $169.00 plus $60.00 shipping.  Whaaaat?  If you want some stump tables and are looking to save money, come on down to the Jersey Shore. Thanks to stupid Hurricane Sandy, we have TONS of wood like this lying around free for the taking…all you would have to do is buy yourself some “non-toxic wood sealer” and you’ll be all set. Sad, but true.

Stump Tables for $169.00…That’s Shitsy!

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!

What better time to pick back up on my blog than Black Friday/Cyber Monday, crazy-ass shopping time? It’s been a long few weeks here on the Jersey Shore, but I think it’s time to share some humor…you know, now that the “stress free’ holiday season is upon us!

All weekend long, I will be posting outstanding “Oh Yes They Did” kinds of deals and stories I would never want you to miss out on. Consider it my gift to you!

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Boot Planters

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…Boot Planters. What in the hell is with people recycling things to put plants in? First the Bra Planter, and now this?  The only thing I can almost remotely see is taking a pair of your child’s little rain boots that they’ve grown out of and planting something in it for a season. It can be a cute little crafty thing for you and your kid.  However, buying two dozen rain boots, planting stuff in them, and thinking that looks nice in your yard is stupid.  Does this person have functioning eyes? I have to question whether she actually does because this looks ridiculous. Perhaps someone should tell this woman that there is a new fangled item out to put her plants in…called pots. They definitely cost less than two dozen rain boots and looks a hell of a lot nicer. If she wants to recycle her rain boots so badly, she can just do the duct tape boot thing, OR she could just throw them out like everyone else does,  OR she could throw them in her recycling bin if it makes her happy to be so green. Just don’t use them as planters.

Boot Planters…I dub thee Unpinteresting.


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Upcycled Wedding Cake Topper


Look at what I found on Etsy today…a “Unique Upcycled Wedding Cake Topper”, which I deem absolutely atrocious. This is proof that everything in life does not need to be “upcycled”!

Before I even launch into my rant, here’s what the seller had to say about it:

This unique wedding cake topper is made with upcycled items, vintage love song sheet music, old lace,decoupage,paper mache’,flowers,metal doves,ribbon and so much more..
If you are looking for a great keepsake plus a cake topper than look no further. 
It measures 9 in. tall by roughly 8in. wide and across the top box 3 1/2 in. Room for a bride and groom and/or a photo of the bride and groom.

Did you take a good look at that monstrosity? Perhaps you need to see it from other angles too:

I think you missed a spot or three with the lace!

Everything in the junk drawer is on this cake!

Could she possible stuff another single stray piece of non-matching shit on this cake topper? The lace and decoupage look like a 2nd grader did them. The whole putting burn marks on the love song in an attempt to be “artsy” is a disaster. She should have kept going and just torched the whole thing. And what is that thing on the top…a creased up aqua tombstone? It might as well be, because if this is cake topper is any indication of your married life, it is DOA.

Imagine spending bucks on a nice wedding cake and putting this on top? You better have a big cake because it’s 9 inches tall by 8 inches wide, and likely pretty heavy thanks to those metal doves roosting in the front.  Speaking of bucks, this retails for $85.00! She must be including labor costs in the price because I think the grand total of the materials used is somewhere in the area of $8.94. (I used rough math there, but I believe I’m in the ballpark!)

Upcycled Wedding Cake Topper…That’s Shitsy!




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Spit or Split? You Decide

Look at what I found on Etsy today…”A Vintage Enamel Kidney Bean Shaped Hospital Basin -or Repurposed as a Banana Split Bowl”.  You actually have a choice as to what to do with this! Spit or Split…it’s all up to you.

It retails for $21.99 and here’s what the seller had to say about it…

White enamel pan with black trim. It is in good shape with some nicks in the enamel. I believe this is a spit basin but I would use it as a serving container for Banana Splits. The younger generation wouldn’t know it was a spit catcher – but imagine serving a Banana Split in this to your Grandpa! 🙂

Yeah, that’s a great idea. Give Grandpa a stroke when you serve him his nightly ice cream in what he knows to be a “spit catcher”.  Woooo won’t that be a riot? Also you can serve ice cream to the “younger generation” and they’ll have no idea what the hell they are eating out of, while you smile and watch them enjoy their dessert. The joke’s on them, right? I’m sure everyone will find it down right knee-slapping hysterical when you let them in on your little secret when they’re done. Don’t forget to mention that you served them up a nice side of lead poisoning thanks to the “nicks” in the enamel. Who knew dessert time could be so much fun?

A Vintage Enamel Kidney Bean Shaped Hospital Basin (AKA Spit Catcher) – or Repurposed as a Banana Split Bowl…That’s Shitsy!

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Men’s Shirt to Skirt – Unpinteresting!

Look at this fashion disaster I found on Pinterest today…How to make a man’s long sleeve shirt into a skirt…

Oh yes she did do this! Are you kidding me??? Who in their right mind would ever stroll into a man’s closet and think “I can totally make that shirt of his into a skirt!”??? That would be no one…ever…except this woman with incredibly poor fashion sense. Does she really think this looks good? You know people would look at that and be like “Wait, is that a shirt? It is, isn’t it? Whyyyy would you do that?”  That is the most atrocious fashion item I have come across yet on Pinterest. The fact that anyone liked and/or repinned it has got to be a joke…or there’s a small town in the middle of nowhere with women wearing these.  Maybe stalker-ish women would do this like a sick memento of their love. Man: “Hey, my dress shirt is missing!“…Woman slyly looking down at her new skirt and smiling, “Really?  That’s weird.”

I would sooner wear the most ill fitting thing on my closet to an important event than ever let this horrific nightmare occur anywhere on my body…plus my husband is freak-sized muscular…I’d have way too much “tucking of the extra fabric into the fold”. 99% of it would be extra fabric, believe me. If I came strolling into the living room in this, he’d be like “WTF did you do to my shirt?!?” Then I’d have to iron it to death to get all those wrinkles out from tying it like that. Totally not worth it, even as a joke.

My favorite part of this whole thing? The “Voila” at the end.  Voila?!?! When I hear “Voila” there better have been some amazing magic trick that occurred…not this pile of shit. Either use the word right, or don’t use it at all. That’s what I say!

Turn a Man’s Shirt Into a Skirt…I dub thee Unpinteresting!


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