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Andre the Clown


Look at what I found on Etsy today…Andre the Clown.

Are you tired of your kids asking you again and again to take them to the circus? Well, I think I found your cure-all…Andre the Clown!

According to the seller, he is is made of wire and rubber, so he’s very flexible and pose-able. Don’t believe him? Here’s your proof:


Think of it as a year round “Elf on a Shelf”! You can keep on leaving this around and before you know it your children will be so terrified of clowns that they’ll never beg you to take them to the circus again!

Hey kids...do you like flowers?

Hey kids…do you like flowers?

It’ll cost you $30.00 a pop for Ringling Brothers tickets, plus gas to get there, parking, food, and of course all of the trinkets your kids will want. That could be an expensive day!

…OR…you could hustle on over to Etsy, plunk down $77.42 in US Dollars, plus $10.00 shipping (because it’s coming from New Zealand ), and likely save yourself some money and aggravation. What a bargain! There’s no way you’re getting through “Circus Day” for $87.42! (You better hurry up, there’s only one in stock!)

Take it from me, we spent tons of money to bring my daughter to the circus when she was 3…front row tickets and all the trimmings. Do you think she remembers that day whatsoever? OF COURSE SHE DOESN’T!!! If we had gotten Andre the Clown, she’d remember it forever though, I bet.

Just trying to help you all out!

Andre the Clown…That’s (not)  Shitsy!


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