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Beard Oil

Look at this Black Friday deal I found on Etsy…Beard Oil!!! This is not just any old Beard Oil, my friends…it’s Olive and Rosemary Beard Oil!!! Oooooooo!!

I have to say that this is the first I have ever heard of such a thing! Is it just me on this one? Who knew that one was supposed to condition their lovely beard hair to make it all soft, silky, and pleasant smelling?!? “Not I!”, said the fly!(That’s one of those wacky expressions my mom used to use….but I digress.)

Here’s what I learned about Beard Oil from the seller:

One bottle goes a LONG way. You only need to use a COUPLE DROPS…. literally!

It’s more about massaging the couple of drops all into the beard hair. Everyone’s process is different, but the general idea is to not saturate the hair, but to just touch it with your oil-moistened fingertips and spread VERY THINLY throughout the beard. This takes a FEW MINUTES but is well worth it for the awesome results.

We’ve heard results can start in as little as 20 minutes. And we made O&R Beard Oil with ingredients that are non-toxic, safe and natural. We also chose ingredients that won’t clog pores!
This is Fragrance Free, however the Rosemary Oil brings a nice aroma to the oils.
We’ve made this formula to be absolutely enjoyable and EFFECTIVE for softening those bristle-like hairs without smelly perfumes or weird additives. Your beard won’t look like a glistening glitter bomb either. It’s muted and you’ll never know it’s there just by looking.

Can I just say that I really love that the seller uses the adjective “glistening glitter bomb”?!? Man, that is some genius marketing skills right there!

The biggest selling point…“I’ve been a mechanic for over 20 years and I got tired of using the same old useless products on the market that over-promise and under-deliver!”  Amen brother!!! If anyone knows about needing a soft beard, it’s a mechanic. They get oil and transmission fluid and shit in their beards. That’s some extra scrubbing for them after a long day in the shop! Betcha the Beard Oil cleans that goop right off, lickety split!

The Beard Oil must be some fantastic stuff because here’s a review:

Audrey says:

{ “Jeez Louise, this stuff makes me wish I had a beard. I’m so excited for him to use it. It smells fabulous. Thanks for the super fast shipping. Xoxoxo” }

C’mon now Audrey…you DO NOT wish you had a beard! Do you? Really? Stop it! When you get around 50, you can use this on the stray hairs that will begin to sprout under chin…how’s that?

Anyway, this retails for $10.95 plus $3.95 shipping. There’s 100 in stock, so no need to hurry the hell up on this one.

Beard Oil…That’s Shitsy!


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