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Happy One Year Blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Haaaaaaappy Blogiversary!!!

Yes, today is my one year blogiversary of officially owning “Oh Yes They Did“!  Wow! Time sure does fly by!  In the past year, I have published 140 posts…most of which I am proud of..haha.  I hope all of you have enjoyed the ridiculousness of my blog….minus the couple of sellers that have sent me a little hate mail for featuring their creations.  Thank you so much for your readership, comments, and the fine topics you have sent in to me!! I do hope you will continue to stop by and see what’s new!

Here’s to another year of Unpinteresting Pins, Shitsy Products, What Had Happened Was moments, and Outstanding Obituaries!!




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Welcome to New York!

Even if you have never visited New York City in your life, I am sure that you have read enough about it to know that you don’t leave your Maserati running in Times Square without thinking something might happen to it…even if you are standing right next to it…at 4:40am.

See What Had Happened Was…Chadwick Lange just moved to NYC from Florida and thought he was hot shit tooling around the Manhattan in his brand new Maserati. As he was cruising through Times Square, he saw an acquaintance (mmmhmmm) standing on the sidewalk, so he pulled over for a chat. Because he is new to NYC (and incredibly stupid), he leaves the car running while he stands there and chats it up with his friend.  Being it’s NYC, two guys come up and ask if they can pose for pictures with his car. After said pictures are taken, the one guy hops in the driver’s seat and takes off down the block. His accomplice chases the car down the street, hops in at the light, and off they go with Chadwick’s car, while he stands there like a jackass.

Well, welcome to New York Chadwick Lange! Perhaps you were a big shot Real Estate guy down in Florida, but you’re not in Florida anymore buddy. When you choose to move to New York City, you need some street smarts or shit like this is going to happen. First of all, driving a Maserati in NYC is ridiculous. The streets are packed, and the cabbies are crazy…even at 4:40am.  Speaking of 4:40am, how do you just move there and just happen to “know” someone who’s milling around Times Square at that hour? I’m finding a slight hole in your story there, but whatever.

As for your car getting stolen, you totally deserve that. If you are idiotic enough to both leave the car running and let people pose with your car, then don’t stand there like a  gaping moron when it’s driving down the street without you in it. I’m sure the two guys who posed by your car looked like such upstanding citizens that you saw nothing wrong with them taking pics next to your $150,000 car, that was running, right? People are so friendly in NYC, especially at 4:40am in Times Square.

Chadwick Lange is officially in the running for the “Idiot of the Year” Award. Since this made national news, I am sure there are some people down in Florida laughing their asses off, because he sounds like the kind of guy who would say things like “Florida is too small for me! I need to go conquer Manhattan!”. Well Chadwick, Manhattan conquered you and everyone knows about it. You wound up on the front page of every newspaper in the city, and all of the news stations too. Way to go!  Perhaps you should move your ass back to Florida, because NYC is not for you. Seriously…it’s not.

BTW – The car is still missing. The NYPD can find a needle in a haystack, so I’m pretty sure they aren’t exactly searching to hard for it.

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Stonehenge…At Your House!

Look at what I found on Etsy today… woolly Stonehenge! Who knew someone could make such a thing? Now, I feel semi-bad about putting this on my blog because obviously this is not easy to make. (Or maybe it is…I dunno…I’m lucky I can thread a needle! Whatever…) My choice of using it is much more along the lines of why would you need this? Furthermore, it costs $125That seems pretty steep to me for a woolly Stonehenge, no? I can think of plenty of other things I could do with $125 than put a woolly Stonehenge in my living room. For example, I could find a nice picture of Stonehenge, hang it up, and then go out to eat. Maybe it’s just me.

Can’t afford the entire Stonehenge, you say? Fear not…you can just buy one little piece of it for $20:  (little plastic flowers not included…I assume)

Getting just that one piece for $20 makes the whole set for $125 seem like a bargain, doesn’t it? Plus no one is going to know what the hell that one piece is if you put it out. Your math-minded friends could possibly think you have a Pi sign sitting on the table for no good reason, but otherwise they’ll have nothing to go on. What are you going to say? “That? Oh, that’s just a little piece of Stonehenge. I couldn’t really swing the whole set!”. I believe there’s a good chance you will be mocked for that.

Now, if you buy the entire set, put it on display and then feel like something is missing, you can also purchase these wooly Druids for $28.

… because what’s Stonehenge without some little Druids standing around pondering how that ever even got there?

Oh, and the seller wants you to know that this wool comes from sheep that eat mainly seaweed. I know zero things about that either, but apparently it’s a pretty important selling feature.

Woolly Stonehenge…although it takes some talent to make, I’m sure…That’s Shitsy!


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Who Wants To Snuggle?

Finally, I have a  “What Had Happened Was” post that isn’t from NJ!!! Yayyyy! New Jersey-ites everywhere can exhale and smile now because actually this story is out of Penfield, NY.

See, what had happened was…Jackie Samuel has started a new business called “The Snuggery“, where you can rent her out to snuggle with her. Yeah, that’s right…You can head on over to “The Snuggery” and she will  snuggle with you for $60.00 an hour. She says that snuggling lowers your blood pressure, and you will feel calm for days.  Oh, and she has a strict “No Sex” rule, so don’t even think about it. However, she does state that it would be perfectly normal if the snuggee “were to become sexually aroused, so it really shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable”.  She just thinks people really feel the need to have someone to get a little snuggle time with. Jackie even went out to see if there was a license she could obtain for this, but alas, there is no such thing. (That’s what happens when you are a true pioneer like she is.) She doesn’t have that many customers yet though, so she is still selling real estate in the meantime, until her business really takes off.

A few things here…

*Exactly what kind of person does she think is really going to show up and pay to snuggle with her? I’m thinking either a total freak show that you wouldn’t want anywhere near you…or someone with much different intentions than snuggling. Oh, that’s right…she did make the whole “sexual arousal is normal” claim though.  I have a feeling she is going to get poked in the back more than she thinks…and eventually it’s going to get uncomfortable.

*How did she come up with that pricing plan??? $50 for 45 minutes, $60.00 for an hour, and $90.00 for 90 minutes?!?  If you have to pay someone a buck a minute to snuggle with you, you need to re-evalute your life a little bit…or you can just go buy a body pillow for $12.99 at WalMart. (Those are damn comfy…I had one when I was pregnant to rest my belly on, so I know)…and the body pillow won’t talk to you, get any stinky funk on you, or poke you in the back unexpectedly. It’s a much better deal, I think.

*She has a degree in Brain and Cognitive Science and is getting her Master’s in Social Work…don’t you think those two degrees would qualify her to understand that a serial killer might show up and smother her with a pillow? I hear they like to snuggle that way.

I’m having a hard time snuggling my brain around this concept, and think Jackie better hope for a real estate boom in the near future, because I don’t really see this working out. I just don’t. Good luck with that Jackie…and you may want to keep some mace or a taser under your pillow…just saying.


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Communism Isn’t “Beautiful”…

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a picture of dancing North Korean women that someone dubbed “beautiful”, and a bunch of people agreed with her, and re-pinned it! Ummm, perhaps they all have absolutely no knowledge of current events, have never read a history book,  or live in a little plastic bubble of delusion, but North Korea is a communist country and those women are forced to do that to entertain their crazy leader….or they and/or their families will be jailed and/or killed. Yeah, that’s really “beautiful”, isn’t it?

Maybe these women ought to click out of Pinterest for a few minutes and go educate themselves a bit, or go book a flight to South Korea, smuggle themselves across the border, and ask the first soldier they see if there are any openings in this dance troupe. Let’s see how “beautiful” they’d think this is then.

Sorry, but Communism isn’t beautiful whatsoever…and I dub this picture Unpinteresting…and ignorant.

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A Jar of 100% “Authentic” Bigfoot Hair…WOW!

Look at what I found for sale on Etsy today…a jar of 100% authentic Bigfoot hair!!! Shut the front door!!! What a rare find that is…and it only retails for $12!!! What a friggin’ bargain, considering the Bigfoot is so incredibly elusive! If you want this, you better getting to stepping people, because of course the seller only has one jar in stock!!!

As every Bigfoot story seems to start,  the seller was camping alone (of course)  in the back country of northern California when Bigfoot appeared out of nowhere (nowhere really is a correct term there isn’t it?), swooped up said seller out of his sleeping bag and ran through the forest holding him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes! Thank God Bigfoot didn’t trip and fall as he “jumped over logs and ran through streams all by the light of the moon”! The seller really could have gotten injured on that one!

Bigfoot only did this because he’s lonely and wanted someone to come back to his cave and have a nice cup of tea. Well, the tea was actually a precursor to needing his back hair trimmed. (Even Bigfoot’s paramours draw the line at back hair!) Bigfoot’s hands (paws, whatever) are apparently not conducive to holding scissors, and neither are any of his friend’s hands/paws, so what better way to get a haircut then to kidnap a lone camper? Bigfoot was so overjoyed with the fine barbering job that he lets said seller have the piles of hair as long as he “shares it with the good people on Etsy!”. That Bigfoot is just too kind…really he is!  Also, Bigfoot even deposited said seller back at his campsite. Talk about manners! Who knew?

My question is if there was a big pile of hair, how come there’s only one jar being sold to the good people on Etsy? Maybe the rest is going to the Smithsonian or something… I mean, it is Bigfoot hair after all!

Finally, the sale wouldn’t be complete without the picture the seller took of Bigfoot as he scampered back into the forest with his brand spanking new hair cut:

That’s odd…it looks like every other Bigfoot picture I have ever seen. Maybe he only rocks that one pose because it catches his good side….and too bad his arm is covering his trimmed up back.  I wanted to see how nice he cleans up. Maybe next time…

A Jar of 100% Authentic Bigfoot Hair…That’s Shitsy!


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