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20 mm Wooden Beads


Look at this Black Friday deal I just found on Etsy…a pack of 100 20 mm wooden beads! They were $13.75, but today they are on sale for $11.69. Are you wondering why these are so exciting? That’s because they aren’t just ANY 20 mm wooden beads…they are “made from the ash tree in sunny Crimea, in the Ukraine!” That got your attention, now didn’t it? Yeah…me neither.

How’s about you head on down to your local Walmart or Michael’s Craft store, pick yourself up a bag of these for like $4.00 and save yourself the $13.75 plus $10.50 in shipping costs. You can still claim they are special 20 mm wooden beads from the ash tree in sunny Crimea in the Ukraine…no one will know the truth, but you…and me…and everyone else who reads this post. We’ll just keep that our little secret…I promise.

100 20 mm wooden beads straight from the ash tree in sunny Crimea in the Ukraine…That’s Shitsy!


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